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Helen Cast Dressage
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To Whom It May Conern:


I have known Helen Cast for several years.  She has taken lessons from me, I have coached her at shows, and been to her facility to give demonstrations and lessons.  Helen is a very good rider and competitor.  She has been very successful on the horses she has competed through FEI.  When I taught her students, they were very receptive and had a  good foundation of knowledge.  She is pleasant and positive and keeps that atmosphere in the barn.  She takes very good care of the horses, with health and well being at the foremost.
Pamela Goodrich

In Helen's Words..

Coaching from Pam

I first met Pam when I took Nautical to her facility in NH - Fostermeadow.  I had at that time,shown him PSG & was having difficulties.  Pam had not seen us before & it only took us getting half way down the long side, before she said in that wonderful voice her hers "can I get on?'  From that moment, I fell in love with Pam's training.  Nautical was a particularly strong, very forward & oversensitive type,  Pam new exactly what we needed.   The next time I got to work with Pam (after she gave me extensive homework!; was at Neda Fall.  Over the next few days she coached me at the show & I attribute our good scores to Pam, I was competing IONE, against a huge class of 18 all excellent riders to include Cesar - we managed third place, right behind Cesar (he was happy & proud for us) as was Pam..   Since then Pam has helped me prepare Newton & coached us at our last GP win at UNH.  For me Pam, is the salt of the earth - she is direct, honest & generous, she has a great eye & has been there for me when I needed her, at shows, clinics whatever the venue, she is reliable...  I always look forward to my sessions with Pam.

After a traumatic riding accident, I left my jumping instructor and came to Helen with a horse entirely new to dressage and also a deep latent fear of riding.  With incredible expertise and patience, Helen undertook the task of training both my horse and I.  Despite my dislike of dressage at the time, after a few months of training with Helen, I begun to develop a deep passion and love for the discipline and precision of the sport.
My own dressage ability soon surpassed that of my horses's and Helen was gracious enough to find me the perfect horse to continue my studies on.  Over the years, Helen's firm, understanding and insightful instruction has brought me to a level of dressage ability that I could not have hoped to obtain under any other instructor.  Her capacity to stretch my limits to just outside of, but never too far past, my comfort zone have challenged my mental and physical ability, resulting in an enjoyable and rewarding riding experience.
It has been an honor to work with Helen Cast.  She has increased my love and skill in the sport of dressage and overall horsemanship in a way that I will maintain throughtout my life.
Danah Hashem
Dressage Student
The horse Danah referres to gaining her confidence on & her new found love of dressage is FIG NEWTON:)



The mark of a true professional is the desire to improve oneself thru continuing education, and challenging ones accomplishments.  I have been privileged to attend many clinics and horse shows that Helen has participated in.  She is meticulous and confident in the presentation of herself and her horses.  She is very hard working and dedicated to her profession.
I look forward to continuing to work with Helen Cast.  She is always reliable and willing to assist in any situation.
Cheryl Kodzis
Teacher & Student

I am a novice rider and hired Helen Cast last winter to help me improve my skills in dressage and basic horsemanship.  I had only been riding for less than two years, did not own a horse and was training at the lowest levels of dressage.
Initially I was concerned that, given Helen's level of personal traning (Grand Prix), she would be out of my league.  She was not only delighted to "take me on," but she demonstrated patience and offered a direct but supportive style that was pefect for my level of training.  From the minute I stepped into her arena to the last second of our lesson, Helen was instructing, training, coaching and encouraging.  Her depth of knowledge is immediately apparent and, as a student, I felt 100 percent trusting of her instruction.  She is expert at balancing being supportive and pushing her students to raise the bar on their training.
I recommend Helen without hesitation.
Annie Stevens


Until just recently , and for over a year, my daughter, Katelyn, has been a working student under the tutelage of Helen Cast, learning the tasks of barn management, the care and feeding of horses, and the advanced skills of dressage riding.
Helen has become a valued friend not only to Katelyn, but also to my wife and I.  We have a deep respect for Helen as an instructor and as a friend.  She possesses all the knowledge and interpersonal skills to deliver an any task she has the opportunity to undertake.  Helen is very trustworthy and sets an excellent expample to those around her.
Roy Kok VP
Katie is a pleasure to teach.  Aa a talented rider, with such a great personality & work ethic, Katie will continue to do well.   Right now Katie is working with Pam Goodrich.   GO KATIE..

My name is Julie I am 11 years old, Helen is my Step Mom!  She is my first trainer & taught me to walk, trot & canter.  Sometimes she lets me double up on Newton & we piaffe & canter...  She treats me like one of her horses sometimes, but I don't think that's a bad thing.  Neigh
Julie L

I 've known helen for 7 or 8 years and work with her whenever I can.  I first met Helen when she was offering a training lease on Nautical, her Grand Prix horse of that time.  For several months I took three lessons per week, with occasional practice rides on my own as my skills improved.  The lessons were intense, varied, demanding and fun.  As an instructor, Helen is very knowledgeable and direct.  her eye is excellent, and her critique is always fair - whether it's good news or bad!  I have seen her work with beginners as well as more advanced riders, and she always teaches within the context of each rider's goals and past experience.  She encourages students to develop their feel and understand the process behind each aid and correction.  Recently I've taken some lessons on ther curent Grand Prix horse; Helens' insights and instruction are very detailed, yet also require me to be a thinking rider and use the information proactively.  Ultimately, her goal is to foster the rider's competence and independence.
I have seen Helen work with horses and ponies of every age, breed and description.  As a trainer, she has a real talent to develop whatever potential is there, and she truly enjoys each horse on its own merits.  She has the confidence and feel to push the horse when necessary, and always supports these demands with proper physical conditioning.  She is watchful and flexible in her approach, and has a very good instinct for building the horse's mental condition and work ethic.  She demands obedience, but not at the expense of expression.  When I ride the horses that Helen has worked with - Friesians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Warmbloods, Welsh ponies - they are uniformly attentive, forward, thoughtful and lively.  They are fun to ride!
Ann Fleisher
Ma Licensed Instructor

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